Romantic Voyage

When we speak about romantic mood we mean nothing definable. It is something inside and around us provoking our feelings, making us happy, playful and tender. This is something about sentiments. They say that women are born with the knowledge how to create this mood, while men have no idea of what women expect of them. So, what is romance, which ingredients help to make the best romantic travelling ever?

You know, the idea depends on individual preferences. Falling in love some people want to be surrounded by sparkling beauty and a lot of people to share their happiness with, the other ones choose privacy and escape to some outlying place in mountains, forest – anywhere out in the wild. There are those who prefer world tour with a lot of adventures, or those who want to stay in a romantic city and spend time with a partner in a small cozy or chic hotel suit with a view of local sights.

Anyway the memories are of the utmost importance.

The Best Places

To our opinion among the most romantic destinations there are beaches of Maldives, exotic Seychelles, resorts in Hawaii, Greece with its antic monuments and marvelous nature, Miami with its palms, glamorous nightclubs, and speedy cars. To lose oneself in oriental world you should visit Taj Mahal in India. Do not forget about traditional variants in Europe: Venice with its particular coloring and marvelous canals and bridges or Paris that is self-explanatory with its popularity and atmosphere of love.

Signs of Romance

Making your choice consider that there are some common things crating the romantic mood:

  • Ancient architecture. The cities with unordinary districts, streets and houses, remarkable historic sights, parks and places attract tourists who travel in couple with romantic purposes.
  • Marvelous restaurants and cafes. What can be more suitable to a romantic dinner than a good coffee or chocolate house with live music soft to hear and candles.
  • Unusual entertainment. Here it is important to be impractical and find something that can touch and surprise.
  • Personal attitude. And it does not matter where you go, you should pay all your attention to your partner, offering flowers, presents, smiles, kisses, care, adoration and stunning sexual experience, of course.

Stay Healthy Travelling in Couple

Unfortunately, nowadays a lot of men face an annoying health problem preventing them from a perfect romantic time. It is erectile dysfunction that presents in inability to achieve or maintain erection, or premature ejaculation, pain in penis of various origins. Of course, this deviation is an indication for medical consultation because there is a wide range of diseases causing impotence. Though, the reason can be connected with emotions and bad habits: alcohol or smoking abuse, fatty and not healthy meal, lack of exercises. Anyway only a doctor can find the way out and recommend the individual treatment. In order to guarantee the success during your romantic tour you can take with you some pills of Viagra or Cialis and forget about difficulties with erection. There even more ED drugs, which differ with its characteristics. So, there is no chance to fail!

This article was written by Susan