What About Sex Museum?

Being a traveler with an intellectual curiosity you will certainly visit all stunning and widely-known sightseeing attractions coming to the city for the first time. These are traditional landmarks, which are widely discussed by everybody. Besides, they are surrounded with new unusual stories and emotions of travelers. But do not you want to do a kind of real exploring? No, we do not talk about non-typical places which are difficult to find and which are known only by locals. We are about the sights, which are not so traditional but still of a great demand. We are talking about the sex museums.

Why Should You Visit a Sex Museum?

We believe that almost in any country there is a city with a giant penis sculpted somewhere in a square or in such a museum. There is a good chance for you to enjoy life-sized paintings of orgies from Kama Sutra in details, which can be used as a manual for your own experience.

And it does not matter if you travel in couple or alone, sometimes the stress of trying to do more than you can will make you want to stop this running about the city and go straight to erotic world. Perhaps it’ll be a motivation for you. Why not?

And what is really cool, in this place you can meet your destiny coming here just within the same circumstances trying to change the thoroughly developed plan of a trip. It would be a great love story with the first date in such a romantic place.

Some Interesting Places to Visit

  • Museum of Sex in New York City. It was opened in 2002. Someone can consider that there is nothing amazing in it. It is really may be exhausting to follow the rooms and view pictures, which are the most items of this museum. Though, tastes differ. You may like immodest graphics with demonstratively porn content. From time to time the museum adds new continuous exhibitions and temporary ones, which are really worth to be visited.
  • Venustempel Sexmuseum Amsterdam. In this city there are several places like that but the first sex museum in the world was opened right here. And this happened in 1985. The place is called Venustempel meaning “Temple of Venus” in English. Annually more than half a million visitors come here. It is situated not far from the legendary district with red lights so it is difficult to pass it through without noticing. You are expected to take a glance on erotica placed on three floors. There are pictures, paintings, and sculptures. It is rather educative, “serious” we’d say.
  • The Erotic Museum in Amsterdam. Another sex museum is much more outrageous compared to the above one. It is notable for its frisky mood. It is situated in the Red Light District and in addition to the rest it offers the interesting erotic drawings of John Lennon.
  • The Museum of Prostitution. We are not going to quit this city yet and come to the museum of prostitution showing visitors the details of the life in local brothel. Besides, before in this premises there was a working brothel. Here you can leave your own sordid story on a Confessions wall. You are allowed to stand in a window and see the world from this place.

Is it Good for Sexual Health?

You know that the exhibitions offered in those museums can heat the imagination and not just that. And of course such a mood requires a romantic dinner for two. That is another reason to add a visit to sex museum into your voyage program especially if you are a man suffering from some sexual disorders (or if you are travelling with a man suffering from some sexual disorders).

Unfortunately the problem of erectile dysfunction is rather frequent nowadays, and no one is proof against problems with a sexual partner. If it happens once or twice, there is no reason to worry. But if it continues for more than half a year, it is up for discussion with a doctor. Anyway even if you are suffering from impotence and going to sex museum, do not forget to take Viagra buying it on singaporemedic.net or Cialis (the difference between two remedies you will know on drfrancais.com) and after a proper sexual stimulation with those pictures and sculptures, you will have a perfect experience with your partner. It is a real magic because those pills work without failures. There are very rare examples when ED treatment is not effective. Usually it provides a patient with even better erection than it was available in healthy times. Please, mind that there are side effects and contraindications.

This article was written by Susan